As 2014 comes to an end…

2014We all spend time in reflection…. What did this year bring to you?

With year end brings winter, just the sound of the word whistling through our lips puts a mental chill up our spines. Winter seems to speak of barrenness, frigid feelings of discomfort and discontent, icy shadows sprawled across frozen ponds, naked branches reaching up as if in supplication for relief. Short days, long nights. Fast-fading memories of yesterday’s fun in the sun, bike rides along the beach, the World Series, Thanksgiving. Heavy, gray clouds and harsh winds sting our faces and steal our smiles. With grim determination we trudge on, sometimes alone and isolated, within our own little world of heavy garb and frosty windows. “The dead of winter”—ah an apt description.

We muster up all our strength to believe that when spring comes life will be different. When the Ball drops in the Big Apple life will take an amazing turn for the best. No guarantees just that “gut feeling,” is all we have to hang on to. Growing weary is the consequence of many experiences…none of them bad, but all of them exhausting. Lots of things are fine in themselves, but our strength has its limits….and before long and we endure another year, fatigue cuts our feet of from beneath us. The longer the weariness lingers, the more we face the danger of that weary condition clutching our inner man by the throat and strangling our hope, our motivation, our spark, our optimism, our encouragement. Many times these feelings creep in, as our year ends. We feel like we have done so much, worked so hard yet we haven’t moved forward.

Where is that “light at the end of the tunnel,” we are hoping for.  In these moments of tremendous doubt, anxiety and fear we must re-focus on the hope of the tomorrow.
Put our faith in a God who knows the future, the present and the past. A God who promises “All things work together for the good…..” He is there, and furthermore, He is neither dead nor deaf. What you are enduring is one of those dry-spell times when you’d rather curl up and cry than stand and sing. That’s okay. Those times come. They also pass. When this winter season ends, you’ll be wiser, deeper, stronger. Therefore in reverence look up. Be still and discover anew that He is God.

~Seasons of Life~

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