Be Significant

Be Significant.

What does that mean? I think what the real question is: “Do you believe you’re worthy of being significant?” As I travel across the country helping others truly comprehend their power to influence another, I’m reminded how very fragile and human we are.

Sometimes I think many lose their way because Significance to them means “no making mistakes” or “not failing ever.” I also hear from people that they think being significant is being “successful” – meaning, they have a certain amount of fame, notoriety, or money.

But friends – being significant means so much more. Being significant is about living life and showing others the life they are destined to live. Its not about being perfect or some powerhouse motivator. It is living life…warts and all. Learning from our mistakes, forgiving and becoming stronger. Showing others how to do the same.

Recipe for Success

Own your blessings and abilities to lead others while growing all the more. Once you embrace that truth, you can serve others without holding back! So many just need a gently “nudge” in the right direction, you can be that for them. You can be the belief in powerful success coming to fruition simply by being there for another. It’s the lift we all need; we were made for this.

I’ve seen so many become illuminated just because someone took the time for them. Showed them they were worth more, helped them see themselves in ways they never imagined possible. YOU are significant. YOU are the the lighthouse in the storm, people look to YOU. Never doubt your strength; or your ability to change another’s path for greatness. The next time you doubt yourself, think on this:

“What if I do nothing?” What price unforeseen would that cause? Friends, our heart is exactly twice the weight of our brain; that’s no accident. God designed you for this destined role to help others, claim it! Have the faith and courage to be Significant – because you truly Are.

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  1. Virginia Gill

    Just last night I had an amazing moment of seeing how God uses the most seemingly ordinary things to touch people’s hearts. Your words today are e perfect follow-up and I’m going to print them out and tuck them into my journal so I will be reminded every day.

    Thank you

  2. I am finally understanding what it means to be significant in others lives. There is nothing that brings more joy to me than sitting down with a coach, a client, or a friend and giving them a hug and speaking words of encouragement.

  3. I, like my friend Nd Star Diamond Coach, Scottie Hobbs realize what it truly means to be significant in others lives. Whether it’s by helping my newest coach through his struggles or taking time to pray with some on line. It really blesses me when they share the time I take with them.

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