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Significance – the real goal. Each Month of 2012, I have a theme I’m going to focus on. This month’s theme is Significance – being significant in the lives of others. Being significant is not just about working hard and having success. Instead it is about having a heart for

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Slaying the Lion

As I sat here in the brisk morning, doing my early morning quiet meditation time today, I was reading from my bible and reflecting on some of the incredible mentorship calls I’ve had this week. I am always amazed at how getting to know each person I mentor is such

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Significance Spotlight: Michelle Myers

Michelle Myers is my featured person in this month’s “Significance Spotlight.”  Michelle has an incredible story of  strug­gle and overcoming life threatening anorexia and obses­sive over-exercise.   She found hope and healing out of her addic­tion and credits her restoration to health through a real rela­tion­ship with God and an under­stand­ing

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