Integrity….Yes or No?

As a person of integrity we have no divided loyalties. If the door is open or shut we live the same lives, we live lives of single mindedness. Integrity is not so much what we do, so much as who we are. And who we are, in turn, determines what we do.

Many times as leaders we are asked to model leadership, be “role models” if you will. Much has been discussed today in the public arena as to the validity of those in leadership roles being harnessed with too much responsibility if asked to be “role models?” Where in the vast History of our Country has there ever been a separation of our private and public life? Those who choose to lead, to me, take an oath of integrity.

We are faced as leaders with conflicting desires. No matter what arena you have chosen to lead secular or spiritual you will not avoid this battle. We struggle daily with situations that demand decisions between what we want to do and what we ought to do. Integrity establishes the rules for these daily encounters. We have established in advance what we will be and do regardless of circumstances, persons involved, or the places of our testing. When we lead our own lives well, others naturally want to trust this and follow.

Leadership must not be looked at only in terms of action. We are followed not just for what we do, or have done, but rather for who we are.  This is why you see great leaders with such strong magnetism. People are attracted to who they are…as well as what they are. Great results demands great integrity as well as great character.

As a leader we must pass daily the “mirror test”. The face to face encounter with self, the soul searching of our thought, actions, and inner being. We cannot lead, and serve our followers if our lives are not consistent with our voice. We either build or bust our influence by our actions. If that foundation of integrity is weak or fundamentally flawed, than being a person of influence becomes impossible.

As a Leader choose Integrity!!

“To whom much is given, much is required”….Luke 12:48


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