Live With Passion | Part 6

Continuing with our series in passion, in my acronym for PASSION, the second “S” of PASSION is your SOUL ON FIRE. The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. If you don’t feed and water you soul, it wilts. It needs to be fed every single day. People who speak truth into our lives, care about us and love us, and feed our souls. That’s why we need to be around those kinds of people.

John Wesley said, “Set yourself on fire and let the world watch you burn.”

If you got the message, it said set YOURself on fire and let the world watch you burn.  All of us we’re born with a soul, and that’s what matters—it’s the plate of potential, it’s the soul, it’s wanting to do great things with our lives. You need to enhance that with the personal stuff we do like reading, and growth, and being around winners, and being around champions, and being around people that want to be significant in lives of others. That’s what feeds our souls. But for many people out there today, their souls are wilting. They’re never watered. If we watch the top leaders in business, and I have watched them with their groups, and they’re constantly pouring water on these souls. They’re allowing these people to start to dream again.

When our souls are fed, then we, in turn, can go out and give away.

We fan the flames of other people’s souls by talking about their dreams and their potential and their significance. Once your soul’s on fire, you cannot NOT talk about your business and its opportunity. Again, for all of us, we must understand that it comes back to ourselves. And that’s what I love about business—it’s about you in the sense that you can every single day decide to be significant. Your soul could be watered by those around you. Once it’s watered and it’s enhanced, it begins to grow, and you begin to dream again. You begin to go to the attic and pull the dreams down and live them every single day. Once that happens in your life, then you are enhanced and engaged and have the ability to bring that to the lives of others. So, become a soul-waterer.

Become a soul-waterer.

And if you do that, your business will grow. But more than that the lives of the people around you will never, ever be the same. And one of the significant things in your life that you can do every day, happens when you reach some body. They will never, ever to be the same again because of your ten minutes with them, five minutes with them, thirty minutes with them. That encounter for five minutes, ten minutes, sitting across from person who’s discouraged, someone who’s losing belief, someone who’s struggling, or even one who’s celebrating–your ten or fifteen minutes with that person  will show that you watered their soul. So, you need to become soul waterers.

Your Action Step for today:

While in a quiet place, think about your own soul and how much it gets fed. How much do you visit it every day with the dreams in your life that were implanted within you before you were even born. Meditate often about your soul that was created to do great things, and then do them. That’s a quite time every day. Just sit for ten minutes and just say okay, where’s my heart at? Where are my dreams? Are they in the forefront of my life? Am I driving towards them every day? Am I reaching out to others? So, set your Soul On Fire and let the world watch you burn and watch your business grow. The soul: the eye of passion, inward devotion to greatness. You need to have courage to fulfill your dream. And you know where courage comes from? Courage comes from your passion. Passion creates courage. Many times in the old testament it says, be strong and courageous. In the book of Joshua, be strong and courageous; be strong and courageous; be strong and courageous. You know where courage comes from? The passion of your life.

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