Living With Passion – Part 3

We have looked in the mirror, accepted who we are, and accept the fact that we’ve got changing to do. It also helps to sometimes glance over our shoulder and realize how far some of us have come! This helps us in our need to be goal setters.

I’m a goal setter. I’ve always been driven to accomplish more, driven to do more things, driven to greater things with my life. But sometimes I have heard this voice saying, “Stop and look over your shoulder. You have done some really significant things in your life!”

Some of us need to realize that. We have to stop, glance back and say, “You know what? I have done some wonderful things. I’ve accomplished some great things. I’ve overcome some incredible obstacles.” Once we begin to understand that and grasp that, then we can go out and tell other people about their lives. We can tell other people about their significance. So, your goal as a leader, your goal in your life, your goal in your relationships, your goal with your family, your goal in your business is to every day create significant moments. Every single day you’re to create significant moments.

For most of us, those significant moments come in our relationships.

One of the things I plan to discuss in this newsletter is the glue of business. What is the glue that holds your business together? The glue that holds a business together is relationships—yours with other people, yours with the drawing of people to you because of the passion in your life. But this takes sitting down and understanding that we are significant. We’re significant to our spouses. We’re significant to our children. We’re significant to a much greater force. We’re significant to our business.

When you are significant to your company, your goal is to go out and become significant in the lives of other people. When you grasp your own passion and until you understand that your passion is going to be answered by passion, you will also understand that it will be then that your business will begin to build. You will have the kind of organization that most of you have dreamed of!

Each part of our acronym for this series on PASSION has an Action Step.

Here’s your Action Step for Profound Significance: find a quite place today and think about the path of your life. Dream for the future and visualize how it can be used in the lives of thousands of people, or even in the life of just one person at a time. Realize and study how you can live a life of Profound Significance. That’s your action for today.

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