Living With Passion | Part 4

We have been talking about PASSION – I like to use the word PASSION as an acrostic. The “A” of passion stands for Action!

Today is the time for action, not apathy.

I always say talk is cheap. Some people tell me, “I appreciate you, Craig, because you don’t beat around the bush.” And I don’t, because what you say means nothing without the action behind it. We can talk a good game in our business. We can say what we’re going to do. The difference is what you are doing every single day and that’s what’s going to make the profound difference in the lives of people. So, how dare you be apathetic about your life? How dare you sit back each day without understanding what your potential is and not going out and creating the action. How dare you say this is what you want, this is what you want to be for you, for your family, for the people who work with you, and the people around you. How can you make that statement of where you want to be but dare to sit back, stay stagnant, and not go out and live a significant every day with Action.

I believe we were all born with this giant plate of potential, heart, soul, blessings, and all these abilities, and it sits in front of us every day. It’s our job to empty this plate that we’ve been given. On that plate is our ability to do magnificent things, to impact the lives of thousands of people, if we’re just willing to start to empty the plate. Again, it’s a relational thing. It’s our job to empty it before we die. When you die you know that you finished your life and you lived it with everything you have. For some of us, it’s time for action. It’s time for us to get on the field and in the game.

A lot of us have entered into our business and managed to get from point a to point b, but we haven’t looked from point b to point c. So, it’s time to step up. It’s time to own your life and own every area of your life. It’s time to own your life by understanding your significance. It’s time to own your life by understanding the action plan that you have created for your life. And that is what we all need. We need a plan of action. We also need a mentor, someone we can go to and say, “Give me a plan of action and I’m willing to fulfill it.” We are accountable in our lives to mentors and to people by whom we are significantly influenced. Do not get involved with a mentor that doesn’t get involved, somebody that doesn’t live their life with passion or somebody doesn’t live their life with significance. But go and find the right person and then go out and live with passion, with action. Go out and get exposure for your business. Create your presentations. Get your customers. Do the things that it takes, but mostly, go out and create action!

Remember that I have given you the image of climbing the spiral staircase. We’re half way up. We have only two choices. We either go up or we go back down. We can’t stay where we are because the tread is shrinking. For some of you in business, it’s time for action because that tread is shrinking and you’re not going to be able to stay there. The tread is shrinking and you’ve got to move forward or go back. This is the time to move forward because the “A” in passion is action, not apathy.

Here’s your Action Step for today is to do at least 2 exposures every day and get into 12 to 15 presentations per month. Those are your action steps. If I get into the business today and you get in the business today, whichever one of us does those things every day for the next thirty days will have the most significant business as well as the most impact on people’s lives. So don’t say what you want to do, go do it. Speak softly and let your actions talk. Outwork your people. Be a leader to them. Outread them, outwork them. Be the one that they look to for leadership. Be the one they come to as a mentor because they know the way you live your life—with PASSION.

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