Significance: Growth Within

Personal Development. Why We Will Always Continually Need To Grow:


I’ve been mentoring people on how to build their businesses for many years. I’ve helped several people achieve a 7 figure business and many reach 6 figures.

When you take a look at yourself and decide that you are ready to become a truly great leader, then you will put your personal growth at the top of your priority list. It is one of those things that at first can seem like a real struggle. First we have to partner with a trusted friend and ask them to be completely 100% honest with us. We need someone to mirror back what we are really good at as well as what we really need to work on.

You have to enter into self awareness with a lot of humility.

Sometimes, what we hear we need to improve on can hit us like a ton of bricks. Sometimes, we are not even aware that we have a certain character defect. So it takes a lot of courage and understanding that to become great, we must tear down some walls, we must grow and become better.

grow within


Here is what I have always told the people I mentor – and it is what my mentor taught me. Get with a trusted friend or advisor. It must be someone who knows you well enough to be aware of the best of you and the not so good parts as well. It must also be someone with maturity and experience to really know what matters in life and business. You don’t want feedback that you drive too fast, you want real, true personality evaluation.

Give that person the permission to be completely honest. Let them know this will be a completely out of the box experience and nothing will be held as a grudge. Now sit tight because you very well could be very surprised. You may find that the feed back you get is something you never expected.


This is why stepping up to being significant matters so much! We have to redefine ourselves, our past bias, while helping others to do so as well. This is how we transform and become more meaningful in peoples’ lives. And it’s going to start with you – it has to.

You need to remember who you are, what you were created for!!

It wasn’t to sit in the dark, distrusting others – being afraid. It wasn’t to languish in poor habits and negativity. God didn’t create you to live in FEAR. You have unique gifts and talent to be used!!

When you allow yourself to change, to grow – and you see how important it is so that you can then help others transform their lives, you will then become a true leader. Self awareness, humility, and willingness to be better person are characteristics that every single leader has who inspires others to greatness.

I know you are here reading this to learn how to achieve your destiny and be significant in more profound ways than you ever imagined. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

If you liked this article, please share it! And please leave me a comment about your experience in self awareness. I’m particularly interested in people who do the exercise I mention above. I would love to know what you learned, how you changed and what results that lead to. I’m doing an entire module on self awareness in my upcoming series, The Rhino Renegade. If you comment below you may be featured in that module.

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  1. Craig, your teachings really keep me challenged. It is really a challenge for me to step outside my comfort zone. As a person with a sanguine personality I am currently not good at organizing. That changed Monday April 30, 2012. I know that I need to change in order to grow! Rather than continuing to procrastinate I started a spreadsheet for my Beachbody contacts.

  2. Thanks Craig. This is definitely something I am working on and that’s getting to know myself and my strengths as well as weaknesses. I am going to have to do the exercise to get another perspective on myself as I can lie to myself and not give the true picture. I have recently discovered that I enjoy helping people more than I thought I would as I’m mostly a solitary person and that’s been rather eye opening.

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