Significance: Having a Mentor

Mentoring. I never had that example in life of a mentor in my early years; and we can truly are crippled without one. Often, we are put in scenario’s where we don’t know what to do, or the best way. How does one become a good parent, or a caring spouse? How does one attract success? Many times we have a canvas of our life of where we want to go, but we need someone to help us spread the paint and guide the brush! What is it you wish to accomplish?

And how does one get to that point and succeed with their goals? You must have a mentor; the only way you become successful and significant in another’s life – is when you have the opportunity to be led by another and see how when you have a mentor you are pushed farther and recognized more. Who is that person for you? A mentor can give you the tools you need in your life, show you how to use them effectively, and push you to become that driven leader you are destined to be.

Which brings me to my next point – the most important aspect of relationship marketing. Relationships are what it’s all about; engaging, accountability, phone calls, time in person. Anything you can do to bring that one on one relationship forward. Remember how you were or weren’t engaged and be to someone else what you would want in a mentor for yourself! When I met my mentor, the person who changed my life – we were bonded like brothers. Spend time with people; listen with your heart, not just your ears.

Always continue to grow.

Personal growth for a leader, means to look inside, think about your own values when it comes to people, how those you respect and admire act- how much weight they carry. You are that person for another! This is how transformation happens.

Transforming your business begins with transforming your relationships!

So simple of an answer, most miss it. As a Leader, you’ll need to engage each person, find who is on that brink of building, be there for them!

Treat everyone at first as though they are your biggest builder and let them determine their future. Not everyone will go on to achieve their potential, but you may inspire that one life changer just because you took the time to have faith in them and show them the way. If you’re not engaged with your people – you won’t be aware, let alone be able to guide. Take charge of your life, charge of your direction, shift accordingly and ultimately – watch your business grow.

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