Significance – the real goal.

Each Month of 2012, I have a theme I’m going to focus on. This month’s theme is Significance – being significant in the lives of others. Being significant is not just about working hard and having success. Instead it is about having a heart for others and truly working to bring meaning and inspiration to others who might not otherwise have it.

When I speak all over the country, I look at each and every person and see huge potential. I see the hundreds or even thousands of people that each one of you can reach in this world. It makes me sad to know that not everyone understands or believes that they are destined for greatness, but that is my mission to reach more and more individuals and help them see the potential I see in them.

Each one of you is here for a purpose and some of you might be here to personally touch the lives of many, many others. Some of you might be here to reach one person and profoundly change the course of that person’s life. They say that if you inspire only one person, you will never know where your influence will end.

Being Significant in the Life of Another

The thing I want you to know is that you have to be open to your destiny. You have to be willing to reach out and own it, claim it, make it intensely yours. Be convicted. Don’t back down from your path to significance.

I have seen many people start out on their journeys with great hopes, wonderful dreams and something happens. They become afraid. They stop believing in themselves. They feel discouraged if something doesn’t go their way. They feel haunted by mistakes they make and don’t forgive themselves and move on.

When this happens, the most important thing I want you to understand is that it is not just YOU that you are keeping from achieving greatness. You are robbing the countless others who are just waiting for you to appear in their lives and offer them hope.

If you don’t pave the road for others, how will that road ever get to its destination? You leave behind those people who just needed that extra push, that person who believed in them, that friend who showed them the possibilities of this incredible life.

Time stands still for no one my friend. There will always be an excuse, always be another reason you can’t, you won’t, you shouldn’t. When are you going to realize this isn’t just about you? Each day you don’t take a risk, reach out and build those relationships you are preventing others from achieving their destiny. Be the beacon of light in someone’s life.

Start paving that road. The road to Significance.


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