Relationship Marketing: Lead through Influence

The Gold in Building a Thriving Business:
The more you’re willing to give of yourself, lift another up – the more your business will grow. I always preach significance. This is truly the heart and soul, foundation of your business growth. It requires giving before receiving. How many of you have witnessed in similar businesses – the “give” wasn’t there? You could almost “smell” a sale on them – that your purpose in their connection with you is only a sale? How does that feel?

Set Yourself Apart

With so many out there in network marketing that don’t “get it” – you can set yourself apart! Weak leaders create weak teams – that’s exactly what they do. It’s not what you’re doing. Or are you? Maybe you’ve been misinformed or misled, now today you can identify important ways to change. Fundamentals of success, involve: do the work and create a strong team with significance. Get along side of them, put your arm around them and walk with them. Leadership is not in front, pointing. It’s walking along side of people, guiding, that’s a true leader. You improve your leadership with this giving desire for others.

You lead through influence, not authority.

It comes down to your belief. Is it time to call yourself out? Are you seeing success in your business? If you don’t, it may be time to look at the way you approach leadership. People follow leaders because they’re convicted in their mission; they believe in success and change. We waste our time over thinking this; just be an encourager, share your enthusiasm, caring and work ethic. We are all relational beings. Remember that. Always remember that! Bring your heart into your business and you will see big changes! It’s not about you! When you get that, you will achieve true success.

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