The Good Life

I spent the day today traveling, waiting in airports, rushing to the next destination. Sometimes I wonder at the hectic lives we lead, going from one thing to another without thought or enjoyment or purpose. As leaders we can get caught up in thinking we have to constantly work- always be seen as someone who puts business first and revels in the cause of the business.

But in reality, leaders, the opposite is actually true. We must be examples of rich, exciting, love filled and happy lives. After all, if we don’t have this, then how will we ever inspire those who follow us to do more and be more? What will they see as the reward?

This month I’m focusing on Leadership as the mentorship theme and in this crazy hectic world, you leaders have to take a stand. You have to claim your lives well lived. You can’t take calls during dinner and run webinars on Sunday mornings. Your team wants/craves pictures of the good life. If you don’t have what you consider to be your ultimate level of success yet, then you should consider carving it out of your current life as it is.

The good life doesn’t have to mean pictures from Cabo and you drinking Dom Perignon.

The good life is here, now.

It’s the freedom you are creating. The moments at your backyard barbecue, or coaching your kids in their sports, or date night with your special someone – things that are easy to do regardless of your level of success. Let me promise you that it is those moments that will inspire others to push harder and grow their businesses, not the late night facebook posts about your business opportunity.

dom-perignon 1

What does having a business in relationship marketing mean if you are not showing yourself enjoying the most important relationships of your life? You can talk all day long about your products, your company, your results, but if you don’t show your team your GOOD life, what is it all for?

This week’s assignment: Plan a special day doing something you love – a reward for yourself for a job well done. Even if it is as simple as going to the movies with your spouse or a friend, schedule it as though it is a month long vacation in Europe – make a big deal about it. Then talk about your reward with your team members, put it on facebook, twitter and your other social RELATIONSHIP media. Start showing that you really LIVE your life, that you revel in your freedom and you take great joy in what your lifestyle offers you.


Take it from me, it was the REWARDS of being a success in business that motivated the people in my organization, not the nights and nights of hard work that led to that success. This is why we have our new people create dream boards and goal sheets – to help them visualize the rewards to come. When your team sees YOU enjoying the benefits of owning your own business, you inspire them to keep going because they realize truly that success is not so far away for them.

Success is more than a dollar figure. Who can you inspire today with the example of the good life you lead?

With love,


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