The Healing Effects of Laughter

Flying back from Florida thinking about laughter, humor. The powerful roll it plays in our lives. I sustained many a tough times, and many struggles by learning to laugh. Not just laugh but those tears in the eyes, sore ribs, ground rolling spells, when you literally lose your breath.

My gosh those out of control experiences have at times been my greatest therapy. I once read of a man who was diagnosed with cancer, incurable cancer, he rented every funny movie he ever watched, took them to a Hotel and spent two weeks rolling on the ground with laughter, the story said eventually he was rid of the disease.

Do I believe this?
Yes! I have not been healed of an incurable disease, but I have beaten, sadness, pain, depression, and even some physical ailments by laughter. There is a bonding factor when you are joined by family or friends, all inhibitions are gone when the spell starts, sometimes just the site of the other party rolling with you is enough to prolong the spell for minutes, even hours.

They say “if you learn to laugh at yourself, you never go through life unamused”. So next time you are down, or just feel overwhelmed, search out a stimulant, a story, or a friend who has been there with you for years, reach back think of the moment, you know that time where you almost died laughing….and for a moment life will not seem quite so serious, quite so desperate.

Try it, have a good laugh on me!

Here’s to your sore ribs!

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