The Lighthouse

As the sun dips behind the horizon, the old lighthouse begins to shine, the light sweeps across the sea and pierces through the darkness like a knife. The ship’s crew sees the light in the early evening, then they notice it again in the middle of the night. Finally in the morning hours, right before the dawn, they are once again reassured by its comforting light.

Do you ever feel alone on the sea of life, when life’s storms plunge you into a sea of darkness?

Then a light from the lighthouse bursts from behind the jetting cliff and dissolves the darkness with a strong beam of light.

You may be searching for the right path for your life-the best path safely around the rocks and sandbars that will not leave your life in a shipwreck. Is fear swallowing up your peace of mind and robbing you of your confidence?

Just like the lighthouse that stands resolutely on the shore, sending its light to the passing ships, God is a tower of strength–Put your trust in Him for help as you pass through the troubled waters. Your fears will flee, and you will know the sweet assurance of His unfailing love guiding you to safety.

As Leaders, it takes great skill to handle our ships on the open sea. There is no highway to follow. There are no rules of the road, we steer with persistence, passion, and discipline…..on the open sea the landscape looks the same in all directions. That’s why we must search for that light, that lighthouse in our lives. It sits on a hill, pointing the way to safety of the harbor, it points the way home.

We then become like the lighthouse in the lives of those who look to us to lead the way–guiding, directing, and illuminating their darkness. We must draw from the light of Heaven…So as to light the lives of our followers!!!

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