My desire as you visit this site is to force change in your life; giving you wisdom and insight from years of life experience.

'Struggle is much less painful than regret'. My prayer is that there will be words of life change and challenge for each of you, as we spend time together each day interacting and working as a team so that all your dreams can come true. As we challenge ourselves to grow, we open up a whole new world to see and embrace. May each day you visit me here, be one of encouragement, challenge, comfort and passion. So you can begin to realize your potential, and understand the Masterpiece you are and were created to be.

Craig Holiday’s Coaching Programs

Craig Holiday’s Coaching programs are a unique opportunity to learn from this celebrated business coach.

A mentor focuses on developing your individual strengths. If you truly want to achieve all of your goals in life, mentorship is a vital necessity, not an option. Few people will ever push themselves to greatness without the guidance of a seasoned, successful individual who provides the genuine caring and example to go beyond what you even know you are capable of.

This level is only for seriously committed entrepreneurs. Craig only takes 20 Goal Buster clients at a time. In this group you will have access to Craig Holiday one on one!

This level receives:

  • Monthly recorded webinars, access to a private facebook group with access to Craig
  • Live monthly one on one mentorship call with Craig Holiday where he will give you specific assignments and coaching based specifically on your unique situation and goals.

Typically one on one mentoring goes for $1,200 – $2,500 per MONTH! You can sign up for $997 per month!

Here are the Requirements:

  1. Income of at least $2500 per month from your primary business.
  2. A Blog Site that you are actively reaching out to your customers and team members with.
  3. A willingness to do the tasks recommended thoroughly and within certain time parameters.
  4. Readiness to treat your business with relentless passion and work each day to develop and achieve your goals and your team member’s goals.

Typically a mastermind level mentorship goes for $2,997 per month, if you are selected you will pay only $1,997 per month!


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