“Craig Holiday has sharpened my strengths, motivated me to work on my weaknesses and believed in my success when I couldn’t see it myself. His encouragement has pushed me to places I had no idea I would ever have the opportunity to go.

In addition to the personal growth I’ve experienced since meeting Craig, my business has also doubled…four times. From the very first time you meet him, Craig will see you as God sees you – not as you are, but who you have the potential to become.”

– Michelle Myers Author, The Look that Kills: An Anorexic’s Addiction to Control/Speaker/Fitness Business Owner


“Having worked with Craig has been a “life changer” when it comes to the energy, direction, and drive of my business and team. The solid foundation and path he set for me and my team has allowed my business to soar in a very short time. Following starting working with him, I moved to the highest level of achievement with one of my business centers in just a matter of 9 months. The difference with his style is that it’s not just about giving the tools and foundation to follow, but his ability to connect business owners with their deep hearted reason of why they want to be successful, and allowing them to believe it. He has a way of motivating people in so many ways, but mostly motivating them to believe it IS possible and really connecting them to following through.

– Christine Dwyer


“Thanks to the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from Craig, my business continues to grow at an incredible rate.

Without Craig’s expert guidance, experience, and mentoring, I would still be struggling at the same plateau I was in for almost 2 years.

If you truly want to grow to new levels in your business, Craig Holiday is the solution you’ve been hoping for!

Thanks so much!”

– Mark Briggs


“I have been blessed to work with Craig Holiday since April of 2010 and in the short amount of time that he and I have worked together, not only has my Team Beachbody business grown exponentially (by almost 300%), but I have grown, personally, as well. Craig has become a mentor to me. Someone whom I respect incredibly and someone whom I value as a person that will ‘tell it like it is.'””Craig has held me accountable to the high standards that are demanded of a leader. Whether it be how I lead those on my team or, more importantly, how I lead my family. Craig has truly helped me to become all I can be; a better husband, as better father, and a better person. With that, everything else in my life has followed. I am indebted to Craig for all he has done and I would not be where I am without him. Thank you, Craig for your leadership, your mentorship and, most importantly, you friendship. I love you, Brother.”

– Robert Hudgens President – Hudgens Health Solutions, Inc.


Craig combines real-life, in-the-trenches, experience with the ability to reach in an capture the heart with his training and teaching.

We’ve found him to be a powerful presenter and a very effective mentor to our top performers.

If you are looking for someone to raise the standard of performance in your organization, Craig Holiday will not disappoint you.”

– Brett Blake SVP and Managing Director at Beachbody


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