Rhino Renegade

"Craig helped me grow my business to 7 figures in under 24 months!”

… Makes Multiple Millions after three years!

Hi, my name is Craig Holiday, CEO of Holiday Consulting.

In the next few minutes, you’re going to read about a new 90 Day program for Network Marketers that will take your business to the next level.

Let me start from the beginning…

  • Years ago when I was just starting out in life, a young adult, I found myself presented with an opportunity that would change my life forever.
  • I found a network marketing company that allowed me to have my own business, take control of my future for myself and my family.

But it didn’t happen with the knowledge that I started out with. I had to learn.


And then learn some more.

I was fortunate that I had incredible mentors, that I did exactly what they told me to and that I was able to put a system into place that I could teach my leaders on my team that took me from a one man show to a team of 80,000 distributors.

When I looked in the mirror after just three years and realized that I had achieved a level of abundance I had only ever dreamed of, made over 7 figures, had provided a completely different life for my children, I was amazed.

Sure it had been hard work, but it really was a SYSTEM – a simple system that I had taught my team to duplicate over and over – which is the KEY to success in Network Marketing.

Now I want to bring that same system to YOU. I want you to know the step by step process I used to build my business.

Testimonials From Some of Craig's Students:

What is Rhino Renegade and why is it so effective?

  • It has been the image of my trainings for years.
  • The Rhino is strong, tenacious,
  • Doesn’t back down,
  • They run extremely fast in spite of their size,
  • They can last for days without water
  • They are incredible to behold,
  • A force to be reckoned with!

You can see why the Rhino is my symbol for achieving greatness!

Here is what you will get with the Rhino Renegade:

  • Each week you will receive a key training sessions right over the Internet.
  • YES every week for 12 weeks there is a brand new training session that will teach you the simple steps focusing entirely on “How To Achieve Success in YOUR Business”.
  • It was created with one purpose – to provide you with my system that took my team to a group of 80,000 distributors.
  • The Rhino Renegade is truly the only mentorship program you’ll ever need.
  • Everything from how you need to develop personally to growing your team and becoming the leader you are meant to be.
  • If it is a key element to succeeding in Network Marketing, it is in the Rhino Renegade.
  • Plus, if you ever have to miss a training, you’ll have access to the online video, pdfs AND mp3 recordings.
  • You get the real deal, incredible content. All provided directly to you through your computer.
  • There’s always time for q&a with both me and our guest experts.

A Little About Craig Holiday

  • has been involved in the relational marketing field for 35 years
  • has built an International Marketing Business spanning the Globe.
  • recruited and trained over 80,000 Associates World Wide, creating a seven figure income.
  • on the board of a Billion Dollar Company as one of its top achievers.
  • founder of International Network Associates, a motivational and training Organization
  • has traveled the world and lectured on opportunity and success to thousands of Business owners
  • has thousands of loyal subscribers
Most importantly, I teach thousands of people just like you to build their businesses. That leads them to incredible abundance and FREEDOM.

Rhino Renegade is NOT the $2,500/month you’d expect to pay for a mentor’s training’s like you see from other “gurus”.

In fact, it’s just a one time payment of  $497.

  • Audio training module
  • Writing outline training audio
  • Homework assignment for each module 

Just a few things you will learn during your course:

  • How your attitude determines your success.
  • How you must learn discipline if you want to get your business off the ground.
  • How do you build a team, the life blood of any network marketing business?
  • Is leadership really important?
  • What are the key principles of success that you simply cannot be without?
  • 11 Things you MUST do every day

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