Slaying the Lion

As I sat here in the brisk morning, doing my early morning quiet meditation time today, I was reading from my bible and reflecting on some of the incredible mentorship calls I’ve had this week. I am always amazed at how getting to know each person I mentor is such a gift. Every single person is so unique and has such incredible talents to offer the world. My life has been dedicated to helping people figure out what their purpose is and then living it and I love what I do with a passion!

On one of my mentorship sessions, the man I was talking to was discussing a challenge that has been holding him back from reaching that next level in his business.

As I was reflecting on my call with him this morning, I remembered a dream that I had as a child that would occur over and over. In my dream, I was fighting a lion and every time, I would turn and run away as fast as I could, but it felt like I was running in molasses. Have you ever had that experience in a dream? This would happen to me at least once a week. Every time I would be desperate to get away from this fierce lion. Every time I would be running for my life but not getting away.


Then one day, I remember thinking in my dream that I was never going to get away from the lion. I was going to live with him chasing me running scared forever. I realized I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life running and I turned around, looked that roaring lion in the face and magically I had a sword in my hand. I slayed the lion just as he was about to sink his vicious teeth into my gut.

I never had that dream again.

I’m sure just reading that you can see the metaphor for life’s fears and challenges that come into our lives.

Back then, being a child of an alcoholic mom and abusive step fathers, I had plenty to be fearful of. I had many challenges that seemed to be in the way of my ever making something of myself.

For me, that dream was a huge lesson. It made me think about how no matter what our fears are, no matter what bad things happen to us or what the perceived challenges of the moment are, it will never do us any good to avoid them. What happens when we avoid facing them? We stagnate and languish. We feel as though we are walking through life in molasses mired in sludge that holds us back.

So my message to you today is to face your challenges head on. Stop turning your back and running away. Just like in my dream, you will be amazed at how magically the tools will appear to help you overcome your challenges. Very often we don’t face problems because we don’t really know how to handle them. But I promise you that you will be surprised at how just the decision to tackle your issues head on will manifest the very solutions that were eluding you when you were avoiding them. Turn around, look for your sword and fight!

slaying the lion

Today my challenge to you is to take 10 minutes and write down what troubles you. What cares are you carrying perhaps even unknowingly each day? What are you afraid of? What do you perceive as hindering you from the goals you truly desire for your life?

Once you write your list, big or small, take one item TODAY and face it head on. Create a solution, find a new way to handle the problem or fear, let negative emotions go. If you need a trusted advisor or friend, reach out to that person to help you tackle your issue.

My dear friends, life is too short to let your challenges hold you back. If you have big goals, it requires a big commitment to be relentless in pushing forward each day no matter what comes your way.

It is time to take a stand. You are capable of so much more than you realize. Don’t run any more. Turn, draw your sword and slay that lion!!!

All my love!

What people are saying:

Prior to my mentorship with Craig my business…my life, really, was stagnant. Everything was satisfactory and that was ok. Then Craig stepped in and reminded me that I had a burning fire inside, unfulfilled dreams, and most of all he saw my passion and he believed in me. When you are good at what you do it is easy, comfortable to look around and think “I’m doing pretty good” and to be satisfied with staying there. What Craig does is magical.



He takes your good and makes it incredible by inspiring you and by helping you tap back into your personal purpose and connect you with the tools that will specifically set you on your path to building the life of your dreams. Yes, of course I encourage you to trust Craig Holiday, but beware…work with Craig, do what he advises, and your life will change, and you will be amazed at your progress, and you will look back one day and realize how lost you were when you thought you had it all under control. Craig is an incredible mentor because he cares, he pours his heart into his work…and his work is YOU.




Kristy McLean
5 Star Diamond Coach
Team Beachbody
Million Dollar Body Game Winner

Working with Craig Holiday has taken my business to the next level. He has challenged me to take ownership of what I do, value my time, and treat my business like a business – not a hobby. I feel like I am a better leader from working with Craig. My organization has grown, and I am now seeing new leaders sprout up and take ownership themselves – much more freeing than when I felt like I had to do everything myself! Thank you Craig!

Jimmy Hays Nelson
5 Star Diamond Coach
Team Beachbody
Insanity Cast Member

Craig, I have learned to overcome obstacles in my life that have been holding me back. Years of baggage can create fears that you might feel are insurmountable. Facing those fears, creating a true action plan, and learning how to calendar that plan into daily activity has made a huge impact in my professional AND personal success!! Because of you, I have been able to turn my part time PASSION into a full time CAREER!!

Karla Mohtashemi-Reese
Star Diamond Coach

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    • Deborah you have some beautiful lions of your own! I’ve seen that artwork! People that have a fire in their belly don’t let obstacles get in their way for long…they figure out how to face them to get to the good things that await! I know you are on a fantastic journey and I look forward to seeing more to come!

  1. Craig, I have let the Lion almost slay me and in the process kill my dream, but through interacting with you and all the other positive people at Beachbody, my life has changed and my dream is very much alive and I am slaying the Lion, moving determinedly ahead every day, thanks for encouraging me.

    • Johan, one of the most powerful things about being involved in network marketing is the support and friendships that develop along the way. It is important to make money, yes, but the quality of your life improves with every year because of the people you surround yourself with. Stick with people that encourage you and believe in you and you will go far!

  2. Ray C

    Craig now I remember why I fought to sit in the front whenever you spoke for us when in INA. Where is my sword I have a huge lion to slay, Gods Blessings from South Dakota.

  3. Craig, God bless you for your wisdom and your willingness to share with others. I listen to your 90 days to excellence series in my car almost daily. I also am part of your Achievers. Have taken the 30 day challenge, Some day is today. I am a Beachbody coach just about to go emerald and am following the example of my Diamond Coach Scottie Hobbs.

  4. Hey Craig I wanted to thank you for all that you have done in my life. You are a true mentor and I aspire everyday to be like you. This story really hit home to me because it makes me think back to when you came to Idaho Falls with Alethea Cox. You asked me to speak in front of the 15 people present and I was frightened and did not want to do it. You specifically told me ” I will not let you fail.” That day, you made me face my LIONS. Thank you for that. I no longer fear standing in front of a crowd. One day when I am asked to speak on stage at Summit or some other big event I will envision myself standing mighty and tall with my sword looking out at 1,000’s of lions and I will not be scared.

  5. Craig, thank you for sharing. I, too, used to dream over and over that a dragon was after me. I would “will” myself to fly. At first, I would barely pull myself away, just inches from the teeth. With each dream, however, I would fly higher and finally I was up and away, free, flying far beyond. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement to identify our obstacles, face them and move forward!

    • Yes Christie! We all have obstacles that we perceive as holding us back. It is once we face them and take away their power that we can go on to the important things we are meant to accomplish in our lives!

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