Determined Natural Ambition (D.N.A)

I came from the school of hard knocks. Childhood as for many, was tough, the years that created my “inner child,” that part of the personality upon which the rest of life grows.

Pain, rejection, devastating disappointment can make us withdraw from life or force the need to learn from those challenges and seek to overcome them, and become a better person.

I was a fat kid.

At only 12 years of age, only 5 feet tall, I weighed about 180 pounds. I used to sit in a closet and feel miserable about my situation.

Living in the projects in Culver City, California, my school coaches became father figures to me. I found glimpses of hope.

I went to college but dropped out. It was not the right place for me to grow. Yet, even during the terrible times, there was an inner conviction that told me I was going to do something great with my life.

Without money, without any worldly goods, I held onto the belief that if I could overcome the neglect and abuse that tried to push me down, I could accomplish remarkable things—and bring people with me.

I found myself when I started my own business. I discovered that people want two things in life: they want to become successful and they want to be significant.

I found that I had the need to be significant. It was in my D.N.A. (Determined Natural Ambition).

I have always been an entrepreneur.

  • I started building a business in 1979 and quickly built my income to over $1M per year.
  • Once I achieved my own success, I decided I wanted to focus more on helping others achieve their destiny.
  • I started my consulting business in 2001.

Since then I have spent many hours helping both individuals and corporations to reach their potential through evaluating and directing, coaching and mentoring. I especially like working with Blue Collar people.

  • I like working with the person who might be thought of as an underdog, the kind of person that no one would bet on, but who has the biggest heart and even bigger dreams.
  • I love the good hearts of struggling people and I want to water their souls so they can be everything they want to be and even better than they could have imagined.

I want to bring hope to every person I work with, to let them know that they are significant.

I always knew from the time I was a little kid that SOMEDAY I would be a success.

Anyone who looked at my life then would not have expected me to have reached the level of success that I have achieved. Someday is today.

It was in my D.N.A.

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