Being Significant: People Matter

Over my past 25 years in coaching and network marketing, I’ve seen many companies come and go. You know why? Because they don’t “connect” with people. It sounds so easy – but it’s not! Or people make it harder than it truly is. When someone asks me: “Is this network marketing?” I immediately ask:
“What do you think?”

You know why I ask that? Because it matters. It matters what they think.

Being significant and showing people that they matter is the secret sauce; that is the glue of success for every business.

I don’t care what business you are in or what product you have to offer – it comes down to “What does your customer or prospect think it is? And who do they think you are? It’s all about the message and more importantly- the messenger. The companies I’ve seen fail over time consistently forgot about “People”.

Lose sight of people and relationships and you lose sight of your true purpose.

You now what I’m talking about, right? Have you ever been approached by another network marketer and when the subject of their business comes up, you think a napkin is going to come out of somewhere with a drawing of a pyramid on it! Why? Because messengers before have tainted the industry; they didn’t build relationships or bring value. And their business blew up and fizzled off because of it.

Today we’re in the world of electronic connections. We live in a wonderful time of outreach in ways we never could before! But let me tell you, the key to any success, does not lie in facebook, twitter or numbers – it’s not about the tools, it’s about the quality of the connection. Always has been. Someone took the time to sit down with you, erase your fears about your business opportunity – now it’s time to pass the torch. Remember how that felt? Exciting, scary, full of promise! You have to believe you CAN, and don’t be afraid to hold out your hand to another, while showing them they CAN. It’s the greatest gift and lesson we can give!

Being significant is why we’re here.

Remember that tried and true saying: “Feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” How many of you had an excellent teacher in your life? One who believed in you when no one else did? Part of your business will be teaching, coaching – there will be a learning curve. Some will be ready and raising their hand with lots of questions. Others will be staying for extra credit – others yet – won’t even show up for class! It’s all part of it. But YOU have a responsibility- To Yourself, to those depending on you now, and to those who will show up in your classroom in the next 6 months or year, next year, right?

If there’s one truth I can share with you – is simply share, and keep your eyes open for those looking, your sights on value, building relationships; people. You’ve got big dreams and goals, others do too – and it’s those people that you will share success with. Don’t keep feeding fish to those who don’t wish to learn!! Life is too short – NEXT! Of course you’ll be there when they’re ready – but only when they’re ready – that day will never come for some.

Dreams are important. People are important. The two together working with each other towards a common goal are the key to success! Never forget that my friends. Never lose sight of that truth, and you’ll achieve more than you ever dreamed.

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  1. Craig, you hit the nail on the head again! I find that I have had more success with those who I developed a meaningful relationship with, than those who seemed to sign on after the quick sell. The ones who jumped in quick were always the ones who also gave up quick. So I have learned to develop relationships and focus first on helping themas customers to reach their fitness goals. Then once they see the true value of our programs, products and support, they tend to be a whole lot more interested in becoming coaches so they too can help others reach their goals. It’s all about shepherding style leadership. Thanks so much for keeping us on the right track.

  2. Great article Craig. It’s so true that in whatever business you’re in or just connecting with people in general that if you don’t build that relationship you’re hurting yourself and the person you’re there to be helping.

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