I am not a patient person. I want everything in my life to happen now….don’t get me wrong at my age, after this long journey called life, I realize that is not the way it is. The ability to accept delay, or disappointment, to smile back at setbacks and respond with a pleasant, understanding spirit, to cool it while others around you curse it, is the power and insulin I desire in my life

So for a change, I refuse to be hassled by today’s delay…I am asking God to keep me calm and cheerful, relaxed, and refreshed.

As a leader I know my life is being watched as an example to many. We set goals, create deadlines, live a life of constant growth, and we worry about the time lines of our lives. Our DNA pushes us forward driven for greater things, greater success, greater wealth, significance, living out the “Masterpiece” of our design.

But when we project our lives beyond this day, this very moment, we create anxiety that robs us of our strength. “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows but only empties today of it’s strength”. To be “where you are” and rest in the trust that God has it all under control is the place I have decided to live.

There is one quality, however, a single rare virtue scarce as diamonds and twice as precious- one that will immediately attract people to you and soften their spirits. That quality? The ability to accept delay graciously, calmly, quietly, understandingly, with a smile. If the robe of purity is far above rubies, the garment of “patience” is even beyond that. Why? because threads of unselfishness and kindness are woven in the Lord’s loom, guarded in our lives by the Spirit of God.

So Yep, today I think It’s time to change…..I’m ready to release my worries, to enjoy the moment and trust in the process. How About You????

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  1. Great reminder as I get ready to deal with airport delay aftermath tomorrow! But more important message — how impatient do I get with myself because I don’t succeed NOW! There is no King Midas touch turning every thing I do into gold.

  2. LaShanda Glover

    I love this post! I can definitely relate! I’m always hoping for immediate results. I have actually been praying to become more patient! So I’m right here with you!

  3. I loved reading this Craig! I am dealing with my own impatience and wondering what will happen with the dreams that are in my heart if I don’t reach my goals.
    “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows but only empties today of it’s strength”. So true!
    Thanks for posting this.