Living With Passion – Part 2

Last time I spoke about the importance of PASSION in your life. Today we’re going to look at the first letter in our acronym for that word.


Profound significance: to be significant in the lives of others we must first believe in our own significance. Each one of us has to wake up and realize that we’ve been created to do mighty things. Especially those of us who have the DNA, the Determined Natural Ambition. Those of us who know that when we talk about the DNA that determines natural ambition, we talk about the someday, some way that we’re going to do something great with our lives. We know that that’ s imbedded in us. We know that we were born with it. It was there even before our birth. We know that we’ve been called. We know that there are so many things in our lives that we’ve been called to do.

Live With Passion
Suddenly, we can find ourselves deeply involved in our business and just as suddenly everything comes together and we start to “get it.” We start to realize that we have found our sweet spot—the thing we know we should be doing. Once we understand that and once we understand our profound significance, we can go out and create significance in the lives of other people. But, until we have purpose in our own lives, until we grasp the fact that we do have purpose, we cannot help others.

There’s a great book by Rick Warren called “The Purpose Driven Life.” In that book he talks about the purpose of our lives. I think once we understand our life’s purpose, we can go out and we can get involved in the lives of others. If we don’t believe we’re significant, if we look in the mirror and see too much of a past that is holding us back, if we see too many things that keep us from moving on in our lives, then we begin to realize that we can’t give anything to anyone else.

Some of us have gone through counseling, or a lot of us have started personal growth programs, or are reading self-help books, and these things start to change the way we think about ourselves. This change has to happen in every area of our lives. Once we grasp that, once we understand it, we begin to move forward.

I often talk about an image of having a person on one shoulder and an opposing person on the other shoulder. The person on one shoulder’s saying, “Who do you think you’re fooling? There’s no significance in your life. There’s nothing great you’ve ever done. There’s nothing great you will ever do!” On the other side is the contradictory voice saying, “Someday you’re going to do something magnificent. You were designed for that. You were created for that. You’re the poiēma, the Greek word for workmanship, for masterpiece!”

Once we grasp the truth of our significance and understand it, then we can go out and sit down with and reach out to someone else, because we’re not constantly dealing with our own issues. Only when we’re not constantly dealing with worry about, “Can I do something great?” can we actually realize our significance and live with passion. Living with passion attracts people to you. That’s a law of attraction. The word passion is the law of attraction. It is the significant part of the law of attraction that brings people to you. You know we all love to be around people that are excited about life and have a dream and a purpose in where they’re going. As leaders, that’s what we need to become in our lives—someone who lives life with passion!

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