Living With Passion | Part 5

Today I continue with my acronym for PASSION. The first “S” in passion represents SERVICE TO OTHERS. Our lives are made to serve others. Every Sunday in Church, Rick Warren, American evangelical Christian minister and author, says, “It’s not about you.”

It’s not about you—it’s about the lives of other people.

We must understand and begin to realize that it isn’t about us. When you’re in business you can create two things at the same time: success financially and significance in the lives of others. Most people spend fifty years of their lives trying to be successful, when all of a sudden they want to be significant and then they figure out how they’re going to do it for the next fifty years.

In business, especially in a networking business, you become a server to others.

When people ask, “How do I do exposures?” You say just go out and meet somebody. Care enough to confront them. Care enough to speak truth into their life. Care enough to talk to them. Care enough to reach your hand out. This is a business of service. Those are the greatest servers, and I could name some of the top leaders in any company that I’m working with personally, and the one thing that’s significant about their lives is that they’re servers. They serve the lives of other people. With boundaries, that’s a key, with boundaries they serve the lives of those who want to change, who want to grow.

If you say, “Well I just don’t get enough help from my network upline,” I would question what you are doing, because I know the upline in any great networking business wants to work with those that are willing to serve. If you’re a willing person, you’re going to get the help from them. You’re going to be able to get the opportunity to grow your business because this is a business of serving others.

For a lot of us, that is our sweet spot. We were born with this desire—that’s how it was for me. I knew as a young kid that I was going to do something significant. I knew that I’d find my greatest significance in my service to others. And I happened to find a business like the one you have in your hands, which lends itself to serving others. To whom much is given, much is required. If you go out and you serve others, you will find that if you give, you receive. That law is thousands of years old, but it’s the truth. And if we do that and if we live that every day of our lives doing that, as we grow our network, as we grow our business, as we grow our relationships, we be thinking, “It’s not about me.”

When you find yourself standing next to somebody in a coffee shop, remember those words—it’s not about me.
Share your dream with them; share your life with them. Find out what they want out of life. Find what they’re about because most of them are hurting. They have no hope. They’re dying on the inside, financially, emotionally, spiritually—I mean, they all have lots of things going on. But the point is, do we really care enough? For most of us, when that’s our sweet spot, we do. You’re in a business, a gift given to you, a business that allows the greatest servers to make the most money.

I’m not comparing you in your business to a Mother Theresa, but Mother Theresa’s sweet spot was feeding dying children. She didn’t want to do anything else. That is where she lived her life every day. But when you can do something every day that you love, that you’re passionate about, that you’re using to serve other people, and when you grasp that in your life and hold onto it, then you are living your sweet spot. You are living the thing you were designed to do. That’s where your Profound Significance will come from. That’s what will enhance the action in your life once you understand that. Remember, the first “S” is for Service To Others.

Your Action Step: before you get out of bed every single morning, think of someone you can encourage with a phone call that day. Every morning when you wake up say, “Who in my life can I encourage today?” and somebody will come to mind—or two or three people will come to mind. You’ll send them an email, or you’ll text them, or give them a phone call. Phone calls are the best—that’s your voice. And when you do that, you know what they’ll say? “I can’t believe you called me. I really needed to hear from you.” Sometime you’ll send a text to someone and they’ll say, “I can’t believe you sent me a text. I needed that text today.” So again, it’s not about us, it’s about them. Take your eyes off yourself and figure out every morning when you wake up, take a deep breath and say, “I wonder whose life I can enhance today.” Do it with PASSION.

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