My Discovery | A Journey

First Thing i did was try to understand that restless, “life just doesn’t seem right” feeling that I had been carrying around.

This was key in getting started…
I was then looking for that one thing that made me dramatically different from everyone else. I firmly believe that every bump, smile, bruise, bout of happiness or sorrow in my life was there to prepare me to serve mankind in some way, shape or form.

I am finally whole and as strong, powerful, harmonious and happy as ever. I’ve hurt some feelings and have had mine hurt as well. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I realized that my life simply is and I needed to accept it as it is before I could design it the way I wanted. Salvation comes through inspiration or desperation. In my moment of choice, here is what I came up with:

I knew that life offered me more than what I was seeing. I wanted magic-a magical way, simplified, not void of earth’s natural limits; but a bonafide, tested, simple way to leave a life of lack and easily step into a world of abundance and success.

Once finding the secret while living a life of “quiet desperation”‘ I knew that I could show others how to live the life of their dreams. With that here is my discovery of Purpose.

To help empower others to live a successful and abundant life…….

To help end the needless suffering due to lack of information (people perish from lack of knowledge)….

To change the outcome of people’s lives.

I will visualize where they are going and their outcome and lead them on this journey.
I will be an artist and paint the strokes of color on their canvas.
I will walk with them through their darkest days, and celebrate the sunshine in their lives.
I will believe in them before they do.
I will love the unloved.
Iron will sharpen Iron.
I will introduce them to the potter of their lives.

I Can….and I will.
I will Live, I will Love, and I will Matter!!!


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  1. You have changed my life Craig! You picked me up when I was down…and sometimes I think you carried me when I couldn’t go on!!! Thanks for always believing in me and never giving up!!!

  2. Craig,
    Your talk yesterday at the Super Saturday event in Orlando totally inspired me. I really appreciate your work and am looking forward to working with you!

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