Outside the Comfort Zone

So you want to live an extraordinary life?

You want to have a life of significance? Well, let me ask you a question and I want you to answer it honestly. Do you live outside the “comfort zone?”

Let me tell you that if you say you want to be significant in the lives of others and you SAY you want to have financial freedom and achieve your dreams but you stay safe and sound in your normal routine, it’s not going to happen. I’m sorry to be so blunt but that is the bad news. This life isn’t for people sitting on the couch being an observer. It isn’t for people that allow fear to hold them back from reaching out.

It takes a special kind of person to take action to push outside of what you normally do and talk to people you normally wouldn’t talk to.

If you are not doing that, then this life isn’t for you.

I went from having three jobs, being over 250,000 in debt to making seven figures in three years. That didn’t come about because I was going home and sitting in front of the TV every night. I went out every night and ran meetings, met with new prospects and trained my leaders as well as new associates. I made a point to meet 5 new people every single day and come home with their contact information. Now, there are people that make an okay living not working like that but I’m talking to YOU specifically if you have BIG Enormous goals. If you aren’t that type of person, I promise, I’m doing you a favor in letting you know that this business probably isn’t going to provide you with a 6 or 7 figure income. I’m saving you from heartache, from disappointment, from frustration.

Outside the Comfort Zone

Are you still here? Okay that tells me something. That tells me you might be willing to do what it takes to change your life, change someone else’s life. And you have to find a way to do it with passion and inspiration. I have never heard of someone doing something incredible with their lives that didn’t go the extra mile, in worn shoes with blisters. There is plenty of room on the mediocrity train. But I believe you are meant for more. I KNOW you are a masterpiece. The question is…do YOU know it?

The only life to live is “Outside the Comfort Zone”.

Inside is safe…outside is struggle

Inside is secure…outside is risk

Inside is stagnant…outside is growth

Inside is apathy….outside is Significance

Inside life dies a slow death…outside life begins

I’m asking you to join me in the world Outside the Comfort Zone.

Go outside your comfort zone

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  1. Craig, you speak truth into my heart everytime that I read one of your posts. I read this article this morning and immediatly set a meeting with two prospects at Starbucks for my lunch break. I would have normally called or mesaged them on facebook. I brought along a new coach even though this was the first time I have done this. We were succesful, Thanks for pushing me everyday.

  2. Tiko B.

    Did I need to hear that. Thank you. I say I want to be special in the lives of people, ai want to touch people, I financial freedom but I’ve been comfortable all day long. Not going to happen like this! Thanks Craig.

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