Our life is made up of seasons…I am in a season of Reflection.
It’s time to gain new perspective, to stroll along the back-roads of my mind. To think about what. And where. And why. Such visits through the museum of memory never fail to assist me in evaluating the way I was and establishing the way I want to be. This implies change, another reason I love the season of reflection. I hope I have learned to never fear change, never fear the vision I have been given of who and what I can become. Quietly and without fanfare God graciously moves upon my life. He mysteriously writes His agenda on the tablet of my heart. Patiently He waits for change to begin. Without exception, it does and I welcome it with openness and curiosity….

I am given thoughts these days to things that count…Goal setting and achieving are important, especially if we are in need of being motivated. I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes, “Moving in the right direction is a great way to break the mold of mediocrity. It’s helpful to ask, “What do I want to do”? But while you are at it take a deeper look inside. Ask yourself the harder question “Who do I want to be”? Then listen to your heart…your inner spirit, true treasures will emerge. Pick one, or two, to start with. Don’t tell anybody, just concentrate some time and attention on the particular target. Watch God work. It will amaze you how He arranges circumstances so that the very target you and He decided on will begin to take shape within you. Sometimes it will be painful, other times sheer joy. It won’t happen overnight, but that is a major difference between doing and being. One may take only 20 years, the other, the better part of a lifetime. One can be recorded in a yearbook and easily forgotten, but the other requires a “Lifebook”, which is on display forever.”

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  1. Jeanne-Marie

    I find it interesting that you talk about goals right now. I have listened to Chalene Johnson on Goal Setting and am listening to another person on leadership which includes goal setting. It is a major topic in my life right now. I will take what you said and add it to the mix. I am excited to be in the audience when you come to Seattle in February. Thank you for your words.

  2. Ray from Flyover country

    Wow Craig you are blessed by Our Lord with wisdom and the gift to share, thank you for being bold and standing in the gap. God needs more men like you in this world for our young men to model.

  3. I like the image of a Lifebook rather than a Yearbook. I want the change to come so quickly to “fix” the things that I think are wrong with me, or aren’t up to my standards yet, but that’s like expecting perfection — it can never be reached but you fail to enjoy the journey while you are striving for the elusive.

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