The Important Part of Relationship Marketing

Weekends are spent for many people running around, taking care of errands, kids’ activities, catching up with friends and family and hopefully unwinding a little too.  I also had a jam packed weekend with some truly incredible and inspiring people and I was given the opportunity to train some of the people in this world who truly get what a gift relationship marketing truly is.  When I have the opportunity to work one on one with enthusiastic and eager people, it makes me truly feel my purpose in life is being fulfilled.  I feel like there is nothing better in the world than to see the fire ignite in someone and see it burn like a beacon waiting for all those lost ships to come and make it safely home.

LighthouseYou see, when you enter into a relationship marketing business, that is what you become….a ray of hope for all of those  people waiting for you to show yourself to them, to give them an option, a choice, a way…  Do you remember life before you started your business?  The daily grind, the ins and outs of a life without purpose – it is something I remember well even though I was truly fortunate to have started my business early in my adult life.

But sometimes I think about what would have happened if I had never found that person who first introduced me to my business opportunity and made me see how it was the way out of my mundane existence and onto the path towards achieving my dreams.   I think how I would have lived a 40 hour life or a 50 – 60 hour life …living to work, where I worried about money and was a slave to someone else’s schedule and vision.  I think of all the trips I would have missed, the comfort and luxury items I would never have known.

You know what I think would have been the worst thing of all to have missed?  The relationships.  The people who became friends, mentors, and partners.  Isn’t that what changes us after all?  First we have a mentor that guides us and teaches us the powerful destiny that is ours if we claim it.  Then we have the friends and peers that we work together with as we struggle through the ins and outs of learning and growing.  Finally we become the mentors to our new partners in our business as we help other achieve their dreams.  There is just nothing better.

It is my wish for you that whether you are just starting out, or if you’ve been working at your business for a while, or you are a wise mentor now to your team of partners, that you recognize the value in all of your relationships.  I hope you will never let your journey grow stagnant – that you always have a mentor to push you further than you thought you could go, and that you always bring others along with you as you pass along what you’ve learned.   What an absolutely miraculous business!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your journey,



What people are saying:

“Thanks for the message today Craig Holiday. Taking one step forward today brother. As always, your guidance and wisdom are greatly appreciated. ‘Mirrors don’t lie'”.  Dave Ward

“Amazing conference this weekend Craig! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us.” Angela Rocha

“Thanks Craig for adding me to this group. I have learned so much already from you but an excited to learn even more! Tim Key

I have been listening to 90 Days to Excellence every day….my concentration for the past 2 days has been week 4 Manage Your Time… here is my start, my accountability, MY CALENDAR! No more phones, iphones, androids, online, floating papers, a written calendar that my wife and I collaborate on every Sunday evening. Thanks for being inspiring Craig. See you in Boise, Idaho soon. Eric Burgan

Thank you for speaking truth into my life while here in Va Beach. I have revisited my Why. Taken my calendar and blocked out my priorities and making Someday today. Today is the day I start making my goals and priorities happen! thanks for telling me what I needed to hear Craig. this career military wife and mom thank you for Believing in me. Jane Carranza Toth

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