The Real Secret of Connection

“If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him you are his sincere friend” Abraham Lincoln

The most insatiable human desire, our deepest craving, the one thing we want more than anything else, is to feel valued, appreciated, and important. The key to connection and winning others over is therefore extremely simple—-make them feel important.

Relationship Marketing

Like all interpersonal relationships, connections bind people together on an emotional level. Great leaders drop the pretense of power and positions, and instead focus on building sincere emotional connections with their people. Connection tears down walls that tend to get in the way of real communication and understanding. When your followers feel connected to you, they feel more comfortable telling you their real problems, roadblocks, and issues holding them back.
Team Work

We win our followers by challenging them to their core to lead….as leaders to deeply connect we must:

Be Consistent– those who impact lives stay at the task with reliable regularity. They seem unaffected by the fickle winds of change. They’re consistent.

Be Authentic– Probe all you wish, try all you like to find hypocritical flaws, and you search in vain. People who impact others are real to the core; no alloy covered over with a brittle layer of chrome, but solid, genuine stuff right down to the core…They’re authentic.

Be Unselfish– those who impact the most watch out for themselves the least. They care for the welfare of others over even their own. The least used words are “I”, “me”, “my”, and “mine”. They’re unselfish.

Be Tireless– with relentless determination the spend themselves. They refuse to quit. Possessing an enormous amount of enthusiasm for their labor, they press on regardless of the odds…virtually unconcerned with the obstacles. Actually, they are like pioneers—resilient and rugged. They are tireless.

Who impacts lives as leaders, who has the ability to connect on the deepest level? The consistent, authentic, unselfish, tireless individuals who understand man’s need to be valued, appreciated, and to feel important.

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  1. Great article, Craig! Thanks for being such a wonderful mentor, leader and example for the rest of us! I always take away something new and wonderful whenever I hear you speak, read your posts, or have a conversation with you! Thanks for making a difference!

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