The Value of Vision

I am often times asked, “What is the greatest gift we can give to our followers as Leaders? My answer unequivocally is the gift of Vision.

“I will become what you believe me to be.” Vision is seeing the invisible and making it visible. Vision is an informed bridge from the present to a better future. We must have the ability to transform lives by seeing what our followers have yet to see, and engaging them at an intimate level through trust.

When this takes place we are able to place this dream inside others and allow them to excel. In order for me as a leader (mentor) to connect at an intimate level I must be able to speak to all three facets of human connection: mind, will and emotion. I call it “soul talk.” We must understand the keys to a person’s heart and speak to their soul. What do they cry about? What do they sing about? What do they dream about? What do they laugh about? What do they think about? What do they talk about?

With this knowledge I am able to break through the barriers of joy – walls built by past failures, “hand me downs”, insecurities, sadness, fear and low self-esteem. Without this knowledge my words become like an arrow shot in the darkness with no target in mind. Let me give you a vocabulary of 4 words that you as leaders must embrace to be effective in the transference of Vision:

1. Simplicity…this has to do with being understandable and unpretentious. Communicate using simple terms, everyday vernacular. Watch for clarity and common ground when you speak.
2. Servanthood…this has to do with provision and protection. We are not to control others, but to serve and meet their needs. They are compelled to take charge, and responsibility for their lives. It is an attitude of service and care.
3. Conviction…this has to do with passion and philosophy. You must operate off of clear values and convictions, changing and modifying methods, but never modifying what you would die for. This creates trust and security in your followers. “Trust equals consistency over time”.
4. Empowerment…this has to do with motivation and mentoring. A leader’s words seem to carry with them a power that unleashes the potential of others. They give their power away. Others feel better about themselves, and embrace this vision as their own. This, in turn, empowers them to “become what you believe them to be”.

Those who speak the language of leadership share this obvious quality. They always speak with a clear goal or point. Their words have substance. Because leaders expect their words to accomplish something: to inspire, to persuade, to recruit, to influence, to ultimately change lives.

This vision given to your followers is a gift…a “Silver Box”, providing direction, while inspiring, through “Soul Talk” the desire to leave this “life of quiet desperation” and join you on the journey of their destiny.

Psalm 29:18 “Man without Vision will perish”.

Transfer vision, communicate to the heart, instill a life of Passion in others….live a life of Significance.

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  1. Becca Werner

    WOW…Very powerful Craig! Loved this one! Sharing with my team today! Great seeing you in Memphis this weekend! Look forward to seeing you again soon!

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