Top Ten Ways to Achieve Success in Relationship Marketing

Everyone loves success stories. I have been in Relationship Marketing for over 30 years. I’ve seen the lowest lows and the highest highs. I know what it takes to achieve success. I made a seven figure income with my relationship marketing business, when seven figures was unheard of.

I have noticed some key factors in people who achieve their goals in this business and I thought I would share them with you. Here are my recommendations:


Being a success does not mean starting something and hoping it “works out”. If you want to be a winner there are so many things that go into achieving your goals.

Success in 2012

  1. ARE YOU COACHABLE? Can you take constructive criticism without ever looking for an alibi? Will you always do your best to try and improve?
  2. ARE YOU POSSESSED WITH THE SPIRIT OF ACTION WHICH SHOWS AN INTENSE DESIRE TO SUCCEED? Do you want to SUCCEED so badly that you will not accept defeat, even against insurmountable odds? Do you want to contribute to the world by doing your very best? Does it bother you to lose? Do you enjoy seeing YOUR TEAM succeed because you gain even more than you thought you could?
  3. ARE YOU WILLING TO WORK HARD FOR A LONG TIME AND BE AN EXAMPLE? You’ve got to go full speed and set the example in enthusiasm in your own business. If you don’t lead by example, how will your team be motivated to succeed? How will you teach others what to do to achieve their goals? It’s not enough to sign up new team members. Do you engage them? Train them? Do you stay one step ahead of the knowledge and marketing techniques so that you can always fulfill the role of mentor to your team?
  4. ARE YOU WILLING TO MAKE SACRIFICES? Training is exacting; your responsibility is heavy. It is tough and it includes a special kind of self-discipline. Being able to reach the top and remain there takes a lot of energy and desire. Relationship Marketing is a very demanding business. You cannot excel if you are not fully committed. You can thrill yourself when you can honestly say “I contributed to that person’s success.” Make your work ethic equal to the occasion. You can take a lot of challenges if you are prepared and determined. The only way for you to remain a success is never to get let your work ethic slide.
  5. DO YOU HAVE AN INTENSE DESIRE TO IMPROVE? Are you willing to learn the things you do not know and spend the amount of time necessary to become proficient at your business? Are you willing to put in the long grinding hours concentrating on a skill until you perfect it? Are you eager to work so diligently at the skills you lack that they may eventually become your strongest assets? There are many people who spend all of their time doing the things that they already do well; these people never improve.
  6. Purpose Awaits

  7. DO YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO THINK UNDER FIRE? Can you concentrate on the work to be accomplished at the moment? Can you shut out from your mind a previous failure, success, argument, or personal insult in order to give undivided attention to the necessary actions in the here and now? The work that counts is the work you are doing now. Don’t rest on your laurels and don’t think you deserve to stop working.
  8. ARE YOU WILLING TO BE IMPERSONAL TOWARDS COMPETITION? Do you shut out all personal feelings about your competition except to exceed the work they are doing and be better than they are? Our experiences have taught us that the moment a competitor becomes a personal issue you will cease to be effective in YOUR business.
  9. DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR PRODUCT, YOUR COMPANY, YOUR TEAM AND YOUR UPLINE? Your business is as good as you believe it is. Your upline is hopefully a willing participant who has taken on the responsibility to coach not just his other team members but yours as well. Are you willing to work toward that spirit of oneness so that everyone possesses the feeling of belonging through their contributions? Will you keep uppermost in your mind that when you receive suggestions for improvement from your mentors you do not take them as personal affronts? The basic intent is to make you want to rectify your omissions so that success for all results.
  10. ARE YOU WILLING TO DEVOTE TIME TO PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT? Your business is not meant to take the place of personal improvement and growth. This involves a realignment in your time schedule. If you must eliminate something from your schedule, do not make it personal growth time.
  11. WILL YOU STRIVE DAILTY TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS? Running your own business requires you to be in peak physical condition. If that goes by the wayside, you will see it affect all areas of your life. If you are not healthy, you will not be your best to do the actions necessary to be a success. Are you working on your health daily to be the best you can be?
  12. Success in Relationship Marketing

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