Living with passion!

Living with passion

Our topic today is LIVING LIFE WITH PASSION. This means waking up every morning with a deep breath, knowing that there’s something significant that you have to do today. Knowing that you’re called to do unbelievable things with your lives. Once we grasp that and understand that, it becomes the defining difference in our lives. It becomes that in our personal lives in our relationships with our spouses, with our significant others, and even with our children. It becomes the defining difference in our business and in the way we drive our lives. We either drive life in a stagnant sense, just living every day allowing whatever happens to happen. Or, we decide to live our lives with passion. And that’s what I want to fill you with today.

Those of you who have heard me speak before somewhere around the country, know that that’s what my life is about and that’s what I want it to be about every single day. Every day I just believe that there’s something significant that’s going to happen today and I’m alert to life. I’m alert to trying to figure out what that is and how I can bring it to whatever appointments I have waiting for me. We must ask what’s out there already awaiting us every single day. There are missions and challenges, the many incredible and significant things we can wake up to and do every day.

So, let us get started today. We are going to take the word PASSION and make it into an acronym for our lives. To begin, let me give you this quote:

“When a leader reaches out in PASSION, he is usually met with answering PASSION.”

When leaders—that’s us—reach out in passion, then our people become engaged with the same intensity. A lot of our businesses are represented by duplicates of us; people who decide to live life this way and to get involved in the lives of others. Our own passion overflows on them, it’s like a cup that continues to overflow and fall on the people around us. A lot of times when I talk about owning your business, I talk about the fact that if you look at your downline—the people you mentor, the people who look up to you—and the significance of what these people understand about their lives and about themselves, a lot of that is a reflection of you as a leader in your business. This is important and I’m going to devote an upcoming blog to a call to action for you leaders to own your life, own your business, and really determine what the next three, four, or six months of days will represent for you.

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  1. Craig,

    Thank you for this! I love where you said you know something significant is going to happen and you are alert to life. I SO believe this but forget in the clutter of the day. Thanks for the reminder! I’m going to be alert to life!

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