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The Good Life

I spent the day today traveling, waiting in airports, rushing to the next destination. Sometimes I wonder at the hectic lives we lead, going from one thing to another without thought or enjoyment or purpose. As leaders we can get caught up in thinking we have to constantly work- always

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Significance Spotlight: Michelle Myers

Michelle Myers is my featured person in this month’s “Significance Spotlight.”  Michelle has an incredible story of  strug­gle and overcoming life threatening anorexia and obses­sive over-exercise.   She found hope and healing out of her addic­tion and credits her restoration to health through a real rela­tion­ship with God and an under­stand­ing

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Living With Passion | Part 8

I want to revisit the topic of living with your Soul On Fire. What was our starting point? It was looking in the mirror and believing: I’m significant and once I understand that, I know what I can do as one person. I have seen this with thousands and thousands

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